Clinical Trials

Real-time access to real treatments for real patients.

“This program has already delivered new treatments for patients with Multiple Myeloma. The key message is the gift of life and the gift of hope that derives from this wonderful collaboration.”

Prof Ken Anderson, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, President of the American Society of Hematology 2016

When patients run out of options for treatment, it is important that they get real-time access to best available unlicensed medicines through clinical trial programmes.

In close co-operation with our pharmaceutical industry and clinical partners we have provided global leadership by developing new international collaborative clinical trials.

By linking Europe with the USA in multi-centre early phase trials we have provided our patients with early access to best treatments.

At the same time we have advanced the field of blood diseases and accelerated the drug-approval process leading to global access for all patients.

Prof O’Gorman is one of 5 Principal Investigators in the new Blood Cancer Network Ireland (BCNI) early phase clinical trial network. BCNI have received €2.2m to develop early phase clinical trials, innovative scientific correlative studies, a national blood cancer biobank and register from Science Foundation Ireland and the Irish Cancer Society.

BCNI will open its first phase 1 trial in 2016.