Design and Build

A key component of our future plans is to build the Medici Centre for Blood Health Innovation.

We will bring the best doctors, scientists and bio-informatitians together to develop a new way of approaching blood diseases. Through one of our philanthropist partners we have identified a site for the project. We then approached ODOS architects who have an international reputation as design innovators.

“As designers, we aspire to a simplicity distilled from a core concept, itself a product of both brief and site. The design exercise was a collaborative effort, one that demanded an intimate understanding of both the Client and the Brief. We are delighted to present this ambitious design for the Medici Centre for Blood Health Innovation”.
David O’Shea, ODOS Architects.
Ground floor 3020sqm
(inclusive of 360sqm courtyard)

Ground floor 3020sqm
(inclusive of 360sqm courtyard)
First floor 3560sqm
(inclusive of 705sqm)
Basement 2625sqm
(inclusive of 240sqm courtyard)

Area less courtyards – 7900sqm
Area of courtyards – 1305sqm
Total area – 9205sqm

We are currently actively fund-raising for the build. The build cost estimate is €20M.
ODOS Architects – Medici Center for Blood Diseases Floor plans

Basement level showing: swimming pool, research labs, lecture theatre and central garden.

The Medici Institute. Ground floor level showing:

reception, lecture theatre and central garden.

The Medici Institute. First floor level plan view showing:

ensuite bedrooms, family lounge, consultation suites and garden terrace.